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About us

Founded in 1988, NanoLund (formerly known as the Nanometer Structure Consortium) is today Sweden’s largest research environment for nanoscience, engaging approximately 250 PhD students and scientists in the faculties of engineering, the natural sciences, and medicine at Lund University. Its vision is to bring together the most creative minds in a world-leading interdisciplinary research environment to help overcome society's grand challenges by pushing the frontiers of nanoscience.

For the past ten years, a strong scientific focus within NanoLund has been the materials science, the physics, the safety, and the applications of semiconductor nanowires. These are needles (about 100 nm thin and several micrometers long) that, because of their small diameter, can release mechanical strain, enabling entirely novel material combinations to be achieved in epitaxial growth. This ability greatly extends the range of accessible bandstructure engineering in heterostructure semiconductors.

A wide range of emerging applications are being pursued by NanoLund researchers: novel electronic and optoelectronic quantum devices, such as the next generation of transistor technology; energy-efficient LEDs and solar cells that require drastically less material than conventional technology; nanofluidic devices for disease diagnostics; and probes for single-cell studies, and for neural stimulation and read-out.

To our members and collaborators we offer a wide range of programs in support of their research and careers, a creative, interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our scientists publish in the world’s premier science journals, receive international science prizes, and annually give more than 50 invited and plenary talks at the leading, international conferences. As a result of our research, we have spun out a number of companies that today have more than 150 employees.