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Education & Training

Education & training are important functions provided by the Nanofabrication Laboratory. In its simplest form, hands-on training on the use of process tools is given by the staff. Classroom instruction is also given first in the form of The Cleanroom Introduction Course, which is a pre-requisite for all those who wish to access to Laboratory as a user. This covers such areas as safety, handling chemicals, proper cleanroom behaviour, and specific information concerning the Nanofabrication Laboratory. The course is offered on a monthly basis, and at additional times if the demand is sufficient.

A graduate course in micro and nano processing technologies is also offered by the Laboratory. This gives a theoretical introduction to the common processes used in a cleanroom environment.

With its considerable competence and experience in education, courses can be customized to suit any partner’s needs or interests.


Associate Professor
Ulf Södervall
Phone: +46 (0)31 772 3431

Cleanroom Introduction Course

You need the "Introduction course" to be able to enter the cleanroom and to get access to the booking system. You also need a "driving licence" to be able to book a particular tool.

Contact Ulf Södervall above for upcoming course dates.

The course dates are tentative. Note that a course may be postponed if there are too few participants, always make a booking beforehand on-line via the membership application found at:

where you should include information such as
- Name
- Birth date
- Research group/"kostnadställe"/"projectnumber"
- Dept/Section or Company
- Group leader/laboratory supervisor
- Dept/Section or Company
- Group leader/laboratory supervisor
- Phone number(stationary/Mobile)
- your position (Ph D student, Masters student, Post Doc etc)
- type of work to be done( research project, masters thesis work, etc)
- how long time will your activities last
- your access card number to Ulf Södervall.

A cleanroom manual will be handed out during the course. 
get the manual as a pdf 

If you have any questions:
- course fees, contact Ulf Södervall
- the booking system, contact Peter Modh.
- driving licences or equipment, contact Tool Responsible

Micro-And Nanoprocessing Technologies

Courseinfo_MNT2011.pdf 84.23 kb

Lectures are set up as below, more details and the actual time schedule will be seen via the presentation above.

The lectures will be added up with 3 problem solving sessions; where appropriate problems for the different processing techniques will be scrutinized in more detail.

Lecture Topic Lecturer Handouts
1 Introduction/Substrates/Diffusion Ulf Södervall File
2 Thermal Oxidation, RTP and Implantation Ulf Södervall File
3a TCAD Hans Hjelmgren File
3b TCAD Hans Hjelmgren File
4a Optical lithography - exposure modes-resist technology etc Piotr Jedrasik File
4b Optical lithography - exposure modes-resist technology etc Piotr Jedrasik File
5a Non-optical lithography - pattern design etc Piotr Jedrasik File
5b Non-optical lithography - pattern design etc Piotr Jedrasik File
6 Vacuum and plasma science Mats Hagberg File
7 Evaporation and sputtering Mats Hagberg File
8 PLD-Pulsed laser deposition Andrei Vorobiev File
9 Epitaxial layer growth - MBE vs. CVD. Mahdad Sadeghi  
10 Surface processing (wafer cleaning, plasma etching, RIE, ICP, Lift off etc) Göran Alestig File
11 Micromaching -MEMS, Microfluidics etc Cristina Rusu, IMEGO File 1 File 2
12 Interconnect, metallisation, contact formation, device technologies Göran Alestig File
13 SPM/AFM/SEM nanocharacterisation and manipulation Piotr Jedrasik  

The course is also presented on MC2s central website.