Realize your nano vision

Our offer

The Electrum Laboratory is an open environment. We invite you from academy, institute or industry to work together with our skilled personnel in a collaboration project designed according to your needs. You have always access to our processes and calibrated characterization tools. Most of our processing tools handle small to medium scale production volumes.

Individual users

As an individual user of our laboratories you will get all necessary training and our guidance. We will help you to make the most efficient usage of our facilities, and as you participate in our education program you will qualify to use the tools you need on your own. Our skilled personnel are always available for further assistance and training.
For LIMS and Electrum cleanroom access, see Laboratory introduction.

Foundry services

As an alternative we perform the processing and characterization for you, as single measurements or process steps or in a full process sequence to fabricate a device as a prototype or in longer series. We work according to your pre-defined scheme or define the processes together with you in a process definition project. We may also perform all necessary in-process and post-process characterization, in order to verify the results.

Commissioned research

Our research and development groups are willing to share competence and build new knowledge together with you in commissioned research and development projects, where the access to the laboratory resources may be a part of the project.

Education programs

In our laboratory environment we have unique possibilities to create and perform advanced courses in laboratory and cleanroom infrastructure, nano and micro fabrication, advanced characterization techniques, modern device design etc. at both undergraduate and graduate levels. We also offer professional courses, designed according to your specific needs and strategic goals.


In our incubator your manufacturing or device idea is given the time and possibility to grow in a controlled manner. You get access to our infrastructure, equipment and personnel resources and you may rent laboratory space to place your own proprietary tools in the environment.
In this way you may postpone substantial investments until your business idea has proven sustainable. You get the technical support needed and you work within a fully functional infrastructure – also in the cleanroom with all media, if needed. You can concentrate on your technical development and we serve you with the necessities.
The network of people active in the laboratories is open for you; from the skilled technicians, process and development engineers, to researchers and entrepreneurs. The open environment offers a base to start collaborations and eventually recruit the right individuals for your company. Our national and international collaboration partners are also available for you and we have some experience from fund raising.


2009-11-27 Per Wehlin