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Myfab price information

The total cost for working in the Myfab labs consists of access fees, equipment fees and staff support fees. Each part is calculated according to the rates described in the tables below. Three customer categories are used in the pricing tables:


Internal users
Swedish universities


Micro companies (first two years)
Research institutes
Foreign universities


Regular companies
Micro companies (after two years)



The access fees differ slightly between the different laboratories in the Myfab network and depend on the costs of the laboratory and the support from the respective university.

  Low Medium High Description
Full access Chalmers 1 000 SEK* 1 500 SEK 2 000 SEK Monthly access fee per user
Full access KTH/Acreo 1 550 SEK 4 600 SEK 4 600 SEK Monthly access fee per user
Full access Lund University 1 000 SEK 1 500 SEK 2 000 SEK Monthly access fee per user
Full access Uppsala University 1 500 SEK 1 750 SEK 2 000 SEK Monthly access fee per user
Restricted access (no chem/litho)** 500 SEK 750 SEK 1 000 SEK Monthly access fee per user
Working time*** 51 SEK/h 155 SEK/h 155 SEK/h Hourly rate for time spent in lab

* Alternatively 17,6% of project income, also covers equipment costs
** Only applies at Uppsala University
*** Only applies at KTH/Acreo


Equipment usage is charged in proportion to booked or logged time in Myfab LIMS. The fees of different equipment categories are presented in the table. Additional costs apply for certain consumption materials. Tool lists at Chalmers , KTH/Acreo and Uppsala University show the specific category of each tool. The following equipment prices are valid from 2016-07-01.

Category Low Medium High Description
A* 110 SEK/h 220 SEK/h 330 SEK/h Non bookable basic tools
B 330 SEK/h 550 SEK/h 660 SEK/h Tools for analysis and elementary processing
C 550 SEK/h 880 SEK/h 1 100 SEK/h Tools for advanced analysis and processing
D 880 SEK/h** 1 430 SEK/h 1 760 SEK/h Tools for advanced analysis and conventional processing
E 2 200 SEK/h 3 300 SEK/h 4 400 SEK/h Tools for advanced processing

* Cost for these tools are included in the access fee at KTH//Acreo
** 1 100 SEK/h at KTH/Acreo


Basic user support is included in the access fee while process support and dedicated user training are charged according to the following rates from 2016-07-01.

  Low Medium High Description
Support 800 SEK/h 1 200 SEK/h 1 200 SEK/h Personal support in the lab