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Nytt världsrekord i datahastighet på optisk multimod-fiber genom samarbete mellan Chalmers och IBM.
Chalmers will coordinate one of the two by EU funded flagship projects. The grapheme flagship project was announced as one of the two winners on a press conference on Monday morning.
Enstaka fotoner som susar fram genom kvantväxlar är en viktig byggsten i framtidens datorer och kvantinternet. Forskare vid Chalmers har byggt routern som klarar konststycket. Läs mer på Ny Teknik.
From implants to drug discovery and delivery – How can nanotechnology and life science meet future industrial challenges? On October 16, the academia and industry will join forces and discuss various issues facing Swedish life science industry. The general public, companies and researchers, everybody is welcome to attend. Click for more info and registration
 Chalmers nanotekniklaboratorium får 22 miljoner kronor som ska användas till ny utrustning för nanolitografi.
Invitation to NANO-TEC workshop 3 on emerging device concepts and technologies for ICT on May 30 – 31.
Forskare vid Chalmers har lyckats skapa ljus ur vakuum, en milstolpe inom kvantmekaniken som fysiker har väntat på i drygt 40 år. Resultaten publiceras nu i tidskriften Nature.
The Materials Science Area of Advance at Chalmers invites you to our Initiative Seminar "Materials for Tomorrow" , 18/19th of October.
En kvantrouter som med hög precision kan styra en enda foton till endera av två utgångar har visats upp av professor Per Delsing på Chalmers.
Workshop — 15 June 2011 - 16 June 2011 lunch to lunch Chalmers’ Nanoscience and Nanotechnology area of advance organizes a workshop to promote contact and collaboration between industry and academia.
IVA seminarium
Are you curious about how nanotechnology can be used in the biological field? This event will give you an introduction to nanotechnology, go through its applications within fields such as clinical, materials, sensing and safety, and discuss industrial needs and expectations.
A workshop 23-24 November at Chalmers for companies and scientists on the latest developments in nanosensor technology and applications.
Kick-off for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, a Chalmers Area of Advance! Link to program and...
This workshop will present results produced in the Nanofabrication Laboratory on device fabrication in a wide range of applications (such as Microfluidics, bio and gas FET sensors, HEB, MMIC, MEMS, Imprint stamps, Spintronics, EBL nanostructuring).